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The crane Montana it is good both for beginners, and for the average level of skiers. Also this one of the best places for snowboarders - for them is available some halfpipe and snou-parks. Difficult routes a little. There are 50 kilometers of a flat ski track.

In total in the resort of 256 km of routes, a subject of special pride - the 17-kilometer route with a height difference in 1800 meters, and also a snowboard park and 2 toboggan tracks. Tsermatt - the resort where practically there are no turns on elevators (all them 7, among which 2 funiculars, 15 kabinny, 7 gondola, 17 bugelny.

But, despite all the appeal, it should be noted that extreme tourism is expensive type of rest. And such type of tourism as space exists in general for units as millions of dollars only very wealthy tourists are capable to pay for it. But only this type of extreme tourism by the road on economic factors. And practically all other types expensive, generally because of not cheap attributes. Of course, the beginning extreme tourists generally lease all necessary attributes, and it is certainly much cheaper. But, as a rule, extreme tourism attracts many beginners so strongly that they would like to buy all necessary attributes and extremely to have a rest more often. But also not everyone is able to afford it.

B.A.S.E. jumping. Beys-dzhamperu occupation by favourite business - parachute jumps – does not require the plane or other flying equipment. It manages the ordinary elevator, and often and own hands and feet plus climbing equipment.

In general the extreme hobbies connected with mountain skiing and a snowboard can be shared into some groups: freeskiing or freeride is a descent on steep unprepared slopes with a difficult relief; heliskiing - the same, but with use of the helicopter as a delivery system on the mountain; ski-touring (randonee ski) - ski-round, mountaineering with use of skis and special fastenings for rise uphill;

Section of geology, namely karstovedeniye and hydrogeology. And, above all, caves are the last blank spots on the map of the world, the last opportunity to pass where not only the foot of the person but also where the look of his eyes or cameras did not fall did not go. Cave explorers are also engaged in research of this mysterious underground world.

Speleology. If to judge on that cave explorers are people who go to mountains with huge backpacks in free time, it is tourism. But, at the same time, the speleology is a science. Literally "science about caves".

The crane Montana uses the world glory of the mountain year-round resort. The large international congresses and prestigious sports competitions are here too carried out. The resort is located at the height of 1500 meters on the southern slope of the Bernese Alps over the valley of Rhone. The crane Montana it is known as the homeland of downhill competitions.

Tourism on Northern and the Southern poles. Relatively recently cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic started being carried out. And more and more persons interested want to visit extreme climatic conditions and to look at exotic animals, such as a penguin. Besides Northern and Southern poles the most environmentally friendly places on Earth.

Here very much care of ecology and the general image of the resort. There is no satellite television as satellite antennas spoil appearance of buildings. All electrocommunications are carried out also underground. And Oberlekh calls himself by the only resort in the world where really there is no transport. To each hotel tunnels on which the baggage is brought to hotels are dug, the garbage and so forth is taken out.

This resort is suitable both for beginners, and for well riding mountain skiers. Extent of routes - about 30 kilometers, a height difference - 550 meters, 8 surface lifts, the rope and chair route. Driving at artificial lighting is organized. The season lasts since November to the middle of May, but in April-May without instructor it is better not to ride here, the probability of an avalanche is high.

To pleasure of mountain skiers in Switzerland there is a huge number of slopes and abrupt, almost vertical descents, and all this against the amazing, capturing spirit landscapes. In any winter resort it is possible to drive and on cross-country skis, both on skates, and on a sledge.