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The duty immediately to return the power of attorney to the represented is assigned to the representative. This duty is expressed in commission of legal, but not the actual actions. For this reason destruction of the power of attorney by the representative is equated to its return represented.

. General (it is general powers of attorney are given for commission of various transactions and other legal actions during the certain period of time (for example, the power of attorney issued to the head of branch legal persons;

To thicket, in real life the so-called imaginary representation when participants of a civil turn believe that work according to rules about representation takes place, but actually the representative does not possess appropriate authority. Cases of the wrong registration of the power of attorney, the termination of its action in connection with the expiration, cancellation its represented, etc. can be examples of such imaginary representation.

One more basis of the termination of the power of attorney is connected with its urgent character. With the expiration of the power of attorney it stops, so, if necessary with the consent of the parties the new power of attorney has to be issued. It is also necessary to mean that the termination of the power of attorney automatically involves the termination of retrust.

Through representatives also other legal actions - presentation of a claim, receiving a salary, parcels, etc. can be made. Commission through the representative of such actions which in character can be made only personally (for example registration of the will, adoption is not allowed. As representation the actions which do not have directly legal value (the actual actions, for example work performance) cannot be made.

The power of attorney for the general rule is signed by the head. The power of attorney signed and any other person if it is allocated with appropriate authority the constituent document of the organization is valid, however.